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Haylee and Jon

Their love story began in the charming town of Vernal, at Jon's restaurant, Swain Brothers. It was here, amidst the bustling ambiance and delightful aromas, that their paths crossed for the first time. Their connection was instant and undeniable, sparking a relationship built on shared passions and heartfelt conversations.

Jon's proposal was nothing short of magical. He chose the picturesque North West Coast of France as the backdrop for this significant moment, a place where the ocean's whispers and the horizon's embrace added a touch of romance and adventure to his heartfelt question. Haylee said yes, surrounded by the beauty of France and the depth of their love.

Together, Haylee and Jon cherish the simple yet profound joys of life. They find immense pleasure in spending hours immersed in deep, meaningful conversations, where they explore each other's thoughts and dreams. Cooking is another shared passion, where they bond over creating delicious meals. Long drives are their escape, a time to explore new places and enjoy each other's company.

Old Money Styled Engagement Session

When Haylee shared her vision for this session, I was thrilled, letting my creativity run wild with the possibilities. I immersed myself in the feelings, style, and passion for creating. I found the perfect historic locations in downtown Salt Lake City, starting with an ornate clock, a rare piece of 19th-century street furniture that still stands near its original location. This clock, once driven by a water wheel from City Creek, continues to withstand the test of time.

Next, the Walter Center showcases a skyscraper influenced by the Chicago School with hints of the Second Renaissance Revival style. Its tower's lighting indicates weather conditions: glowing blue for clear skies, flashing blue for clouds, and solid red for rain.

Lastly, the Boston and Newhouse Buildings, Utah's first skyscrapers, feature ornate gold doors and pillars. These Beaux-Arts twin structures were financed by Samuel Newhouse, a wealthy mining magnate, businesses in downtown Salt Lake City. Newhouse's ambition was to create a "Wall Street" in the West.





I want to emphasize that there were no mistake while creating this session. Blurry vintage feeling photo's are intentional. I researched, planned and even surveyed other photographers in the industry before participating in the trend of intentional blur. A little conclusion I came to after carefully considering this trend

the artistic blur.

 It can be done skillfully and creating the blur was a bit of a new challenge for me because it takes a different thought process. I like this style photograph when there is some movement in the photograph unless your using radial blur.

I carefully created three different types of blur while doing the session, circular blur or radial blur which is done by zooming in & out with a very low shutter, panning blur which is mostly practice by race car photographers-this is done by moving the camera along with the subjects and lastly motion blur this is a more traditional type a blur and more commonly accepted art form among portrait photographers. An example of motion blur in this session is the tram is in motion but the couple is in focus.

The in camera double exposure is something I've wanted to try for a long time and I finally did it!!! It's a little tricky and takes some practice but also very refreshing and fun! A little trick --- underexpose the first image.