When planning what to wear for engagement photos, here are a few tips from a photographer's perspective:

1. Be yourself. Wear outfits that represent your true style and make you feel comfortable. Avoid trying to replicate looks from Pinterest if they don't align with your personal taste.

2. Wear complementary colors. Choose a color palette that complements your complexions. Neutrals and lighter colors are often a safe choice and allow the focus to be on the couple. When in doubt, choose neutrals.

3. Be careful with prints. Large or medium prints can work, but balance them with solids to avoid being too distracting. Smaller prints may not photograph as well. If you wear prints, choose wisely because they can become distracting when overdone – Don’t feel obligated to avoid patterns.

4. Be confident and comfortable. Select outfits that make you feel 100% at ease, without worrying about adjusting. You want to be beaming during your session – not worried about your dress and whether or not you need to pull it down a little farther.

5. Dress it up & Change it up! A flowy dress can make you feel like a gorgeous bride-to-be and looks incredible in images. One or two outfits are enough, allowing for a casual and dressier look.

6. Avoid. Logos or characters that could be distracting. Choose undergarments that won't be visible or create unwanted lines.

7. Dress for the Weather. Consider the season and dress accordingly, with warmer, earthier tones for fall or cooler months.

8. Accessorize! Jewelry, scarves, and even dogs can add personal touches and tell your story. If accessories aren’t your thing, don’t force it.

The key is to choose outfits that represent your authentic selves and make you feel confident and comfortable, while considering complementary colors, patterns, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.